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If you follow us on Twitter or check our updates on Facebook, you’ll have seen us post lots of interesting stories and links this year. In typical ‘review of the year’ fashion, we’ve trawled back to bring you six of our updates that were most shared or retweeted:

  • Don’t make it easy for burglars! You might enjoy using social media services to keep friends appraised of your every move, but are you unwittingly helping burglars target your home? This useful infographic shows the risks you’re taking. Read more >
  • Making WordPress run faster. Thousands of our customers use WordPress to build their website. But if your WordPress site is slow, how do you fix it? Here are some great tweaks and changes to speed up your WordPress install. Read more >
  • How not to get a job. This classic has little to do with what we do and even less to do with the internet and building websites. These cringeworthy tales of botched job interviews might or might not be true, but they’re still entertaining. Read more >
  • It’s time for hackers to get hacked. Tired of being targeted by persistent hacking attempts, some firms are now fighting back, with tools and techniques designed to disrupt hackers and divert them into dead ends. Read more >
  • Good News from Nominet The .uk registry is making it easier for you to grow your brand and business for the long-term from 2012. From May, Nominet will allow you to lock in your .uk domain for up to 10 years and we’ll be including the same in our order and renewal processess. Read more >

What are the best articles, content or pieces of information you’ve discovered through social media this year? Let us know in the comments. Oh – and follow us on Twitter and Facebook if you want to see more of the same.

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