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New EU regulations regarding online energy labels

By Will Stevens - February 19, 2015

If you sell electrical goods online you may need to provide energy efficiency labels to comply with new European Union regulations. In this article we’ll look at which products are affected and what information your website needs to display.

Which products are affected by the change?

Below is a list of the product groups affected by the new regulation. Information only needs to be provided for products that were launched with a new model number after 01/01/2015. Provision of the energy data in the new form is therefore not required for older models.

Affected product groups:

• Household dishwashers
• Household refrigerators
• Household washing machines
• Televisions
• Air conditioners
• Household tumble driers
• Electric lamps and lights
• Vacuum cleaners
• Room heaters (and similar)
• Water heaters, hot water tanks

Where can I get the information?

Suppliers that sell affected product groups must now provide you with an electronic product data sheet and an electronic label containing energy efficiency information. The electronic labels are similar to the energy labels which have been used in physical shops for some time. Please ask your suppliers for the electronic labels and product data sheets for the products in question.

What do I need to do with the information?

If you sell an affected product, you must display energy efficiency information near the product’s price whenever the price is shown in one of the following locations.

• On the product page
• In the basket
• On the order confirmation page
• On the category pages
• On the search result pages

You will also need to provide a link to the product data sheet on the product page. These changes also need to be made to the mobile version of your site.

How do I implement the changes?

You can implement the changes by following this support guide.