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Proof that starting your own business makes life better

christian square

People often start their own business because they’re simply not satisfied with their working life and can envisage a situation where they get to more fully enjoy not just the fruits of their labour, but their labour itself. That’s how it was for Christian Jaroljmek who founded his business, Weblounge, after deciding his working life…

Give your website the personal touch with inSites from 123-reg


The web is getting personal. Amazon bases its homepage on the products you’ve visited in the past; Netflix provides constant suggestions as to what you should watch next based on programmes you’ve already seen; Spotify generates a weekly playlist for you based on your musical tastes. If you’ve followed the previous two posts in this…

1 in 10 small businesses never back up data


A tenth of small business owners never back up the data stored on their computer, meaning they could be seconds from total disaster. New research carried out by 123-reg shows that one in ten small businesses wouldn’t have anything to fall back on if they lost important data. Less than a third (30%) of respondents…

7 signs you’re ready to start your own business


Does every week day feel like this on repeat, forever, with no real reward at the end of it? Then that’s probably the first sign that you’re ready to start your own business. People often strike out on their own out of a sense of dissatisfaction with their current role. This doesn’t mean falling out…

How one 123-reg customer found success through PPC advertising


What do you do when you’ve returned to the UK after running a backpackers’ hostel in Malawi for eight years? Setting up a business that sells children’s teepees may not seem the most obvious of answers, but for 123-reg customer Sarah Phillps-Chirwa it was the perfect next step. And so she founded Teepees By Lulu…

Meet the 123-reg Customer Service Hero for October


We love providing great customer service at 123-reg. And we love the people who help us deliver excellence to our customers. That’s why we choose a Customer Service Hero each month – someone who has gone that extra mile to deliver great service. This month that hero is Vladut Anchidin. Vladut has been with 123-reg…