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How to get a good domain name in 2022

By Will Stevens - December 29, 2021

A good domain name is the starting point for any online business, but with over 360 million of them already registered it can feel like finding one is impossible.

Here are some tips to help you find a domain name that works for you. (Prices in this article are correct at the time of writing.)

Think beyond traditional domain extensions

When you think of domain names, you probably mainly think of .com and .co.uk. There’s a reason for that. These are popular, recognisable domain extensions that have formed the backbone of the web for decades.

But if you’re trying to find a domain name in 2022, that popularity can be a drawback. With so many .com and .co.uk domains registered, you may find the one you want is already taken.

For that reason, it can pay to think beyond these traditional domain extensions and look at other options.

There is now a huge range of extensions including geo-specific ones like .london, as well as industry-focused ones such as .coffee and .solutions, and business-orientated terms such as .group, .company and .ltd.

These newer extensions can help you find a domain name which helps customers understand where you’re based or what you do. They also open up more choice.

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Don’t worry about the perfect domain name

“Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good” applies to choosing a domain name as much as anything else.

If you turn down possible domain names because you feel you can find something better, you may end up not buying one at all.

Finding a domain name you like is easier than finding one you love, so it’s better to buy one that does the job than to spend extra time looking for that “perfect” domain.

Think keywords and location

If you’ve got an existing business, picking a good domain name can be even trickier. If you can’t get your exact business name as a domain, search for variants which include keywords that relate to your business and/or your location.

This kind of domain can help people understand who you are and what you do before they even visit your website.

Keep it brief and easy to understand

The shorter a domain name is, the more likely it is to be memorable. Anything over 14 characters is probably too long and won’t stick in people’s memories.

You should also avoid domain names that could easily be confused for something else. For example, avoid words that sound like other words such as “to” which could be two, too or even 2.

Someone who hears your domain name spoken aloud should be able to spell it accurately.

Don’t put off your purchase

If you find a domain name you like and it’s available, buy it as soon as possible. If you put buying it on the backburner and then return to purchase it at a later date, you may find that someone else has snapped it up in the meantime.

Finding a good domain name is tricky enough without having to go through the whole process twice because you didn’t grab one that was available.

Don’t be afraid of buying multiple domains

Buying more than one domain name for a project can be a good idea. For example, you might want to purchase your chosen domain across multiple extensions to protect your brand and help make sure people always visit the correct website. (You don’t have to build a separate website for every domain, just choose one main domain name and redirect the others to it.)

You might also find that while you’re brainstorming domains you come up with ideas that might work for future projects. Snapping up these domains now will make sure you don’t miss out in the future.

Summing up

Buying a domain name can feel overwhelming, but if you go in with a plan, you’ll be able to pick one up that works for your business.

Search for your domain name now.

Or, if you still need help, check out this guide to choosing a business name and domain name.

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