.ltd domain names

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What is a .ltd domain?

Just because you run a limited business doesn’t mean you should be limited to the same web address as everyone else. That’s where .ltd comes in.

This unique extension is dedicated to incorporated and limited liability companies that are seeking an alternative way of promoting themselves online. Instead of settling for ‘company-name-limited.com’ as their main web address, they can now opt for a shorter, sharper domain that reflects their professionalism

Why register a .ltd domain?

First impressions count for everything, and your web address is no exception. In just three letters, your business will stand out from other, supposedly professional, enterprises and immediately show prospective customers that you offer a dependable service.

Haven’t registered yourself as a limited company yet? Not a problem! There are no restrictions for purchasing this fantastic extension, so why not register your .ltd domain today – now available for just ‪£12.99‬!*

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