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Diversify your business – Sell your domains

By Tim Fuell - June 11, 2013

Whatever your line of work, the opportunity to make money while you sleep must surely be enticing? Now with 123-reg you can do just that as we have added the functionality for you to turn the domains registered in your 123-reg account into liquid cash by selling them on the global domains market.

Sell your domain names

Our simple open pricing policy makes it easy for any level of domain entrepreneur to get their domain name selling business off the ground all at the click of a few buttons. You can set your own price too, so you won’t be bullied into accepting lower than you think your domain name is worth. What’s more it is FREE to list your domain for sale!

Here’s how simple it is to sell your domain with 123-reg:

  1. Login in to your 123-reg Control Panel
  2. Choose Sell My Domain names from the domains section
  3. Enter the requested details
  4. Choose the domain you want to list from the dropdown menu
  5. Select a suitable listing for you domain
  6. Enter your wanted price for the domain
  7. Click list domain
  8. Sit back and await a sale

There are a few terms and conditions, such as you can only sell .com; .net; .org; .biz; .info; .me; .co. but the cool thing is you can finally look to cash in on some of those domains that may have been lingering in your portfolio for a while. Even if  you are new to the domains game there may be a new business opportunity for you if you can come up with snappy domains to register. The availability of brand-strong .com domain names is ever dwindling but their popularity is unhindered, so there is gold to be had in snapping up a catchy .com that you can re-sell.

So what are you waiting for give selling your domain names a go.