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Don’t click here!

I’ve been helping staff around the office with our new blog toy and something that’s cropped up is the way people use ‘click here’ links. Example: ‘to download Adobe Acrobat please click here‘ ‘to change your life, click here‘ Whilst this won’t break your website, it is bad practice, and here’s why: It doesn’t describe [...]

Problems with 123-reg May newsletter links

Apologies to all of you who are having problems with the links in our latest 123-reg May newsletter. We are unfortunately experiencing issues with our mailing system. To view the full version with working links, please either use the link at the top of the newsletter ‘Can’t see the images click here’ or view it here.

There goes another bank holiday

Ho hum, it whizzed by. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, despite all the rain. Just a reminder that we’re running a survey to get feedback from you all about our products and services and what you would like to see in the future. Your feedback is what makes us tick (both good and bad) so [...]

Free Google advertising for existing customers

One of life’s irritations is when you buy something new, only to find if you had waited one more day you would have got a discount or a free gift with it. So our existing Hosting and InstantSite customers don’t miss out, if you currently have one of the following packages, you can now claim [...]

Why should I use search engine pay per click (PPC) advertising?

“I have free Google and Microsoft advertising vouchers, but why bother using them? I get free traffic through the search engine listings anyway, and I advertise in leaftlets / magazines / the Yellow Pages.” That’s a common question, and on the face of it, it does seem to be a no brainer. However, if we [...]

Domain transfer made easy!

Below are some useful tips to make your domain transfer to 123-reg as easy as possible: Log into your 123-reg control panels’ domain transfer page and check through the following details in order for your transfer to be completed! Update your admin contact email associated with your domain name, as all transfer confirmations will be [...]

Search engine pay per click guide – part 1

How to use your free Google Adwords & Microsoft adCenter advertising Search engine pay per click (SEPPC) advertising is so popular because your adverts are only shown when someone is searching for your product or service and you only pay when some one clicks on your advert. Creating an account and getting your adverts online [...]