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New balls please!

One of the interesting (for strange people like me anyway) things about search marketing is how seasonality has such a large impact on certain keywords, and how sites can plan and act on them. A good example is the keyword ‘Wimbledon’. If we use Google Trends we can see how search volume using the term ‘Wimbledon’ spike during the [...]

Plan your website – Basics to get you started

You have your domain name, hosting package and design software and are ready to create your own website but are not quite sure where to start. We have therefore compiled a basic guide demonstrating the key factors to look out for when planning and creating your website. This article will be useful for anyone wanting [...]

Search engine pay per click guide – Part 2: Keywords

Hopefully part one of this guide helped you to set up your account and gain an idea of the basics of PPC marketing through search engines. This section will look in more detail at researching your keywords and setting your budget. Part 1 of the guide can be found here What are keywords? Keywords [...]

Why Ubuntu?

When we decided to offer Linux on our managed dedicated servers, we thought long and hard about which of the many Linux distributions to use, before finally choosing Ubuntu Linux — in particular Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. Plaudits are of course always welcome, but particularly so when we learn that the care and thought we put [...]

This week I have been mostly reading…

Below is a selection of the blogs I regularly read to keep up to date with the latest on search marketing along with some ideas and tips for our own sites: Written by one of the industry’s leading figure heads Aaron Wall, this blog is primarily focused on SEO. It has been running for [...]

Your domain name and SEO

One of the curses of working in online marketing is that you can’t enjoy a website for it’s own sake, or just look at a pay per click advert or banner without critiquing it, and this includes the domain name. Some domain names are so long no one stands a chance of remembering it, others [...]

Why isn’t your business blogging?

Research and new media company e-Consultancy has produced a list of 12 Reasons why businesses aren’t blogging. Chris Lake doesn’t pull any punches, blaming risk-averse CEOs and PR companies for being reluctant to take the plunge. I can see why businesses think it’s a big deal letting staff loose on a company blog and considering [...]