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Search for a domain name from your desktop

Following on from the launch of our iGoogle domain name plug in to search for your domain name from your Google home page, we have now launched a domain name search bar widget for those of you who use the Microsoft Vista operating system to add to your sidebar. Once you have downloaded the widget [...]

Handy SEO analyser

I’ve stumbled across a handy little website analyser called The Reaction Engine, which is worth checking out if you look after a website and are tasked with getting better search engine results. It’s pretty cool, allowing you to enter the URL and find out how your website performs against key indicators such as download time, [...]

Facebook gets poked in the eye from Bebo

Bebo has surprised me by being identified as the UK’s biggest social networking website, particularly since almost everyone I know is obsessed by Facebook right now. According to a piece on Pocketlink , Bebo also picks up 63% of the European market, ahead of global leader MySpace. ComScore figures for July show that Bebo got [...]

Victory is ours!

After our defeat last week the Pipex Hosting 5 a side team has chalked up it’s first win of the season, winning 9-3. Going in at half time at 3-3, the second half was a different story as we put on a footballing display reminscent of Huddersfield Town’s slick attacking fluid play (If only!). It [...]

123-reg wins award for best UNIX/ LINUX web hosting

Being patted on the back is always nice, so we are pleased to have been presented with the best UNIX/ LINUX hosting award from Web Host directory uk. The award recognises… “…exceptional power together with a wealth of great utilities to make your Web Hosting experience first rate. Armed with Perl, JAVA, PHP, Miva and [...]

A new season begins

This week saw the return of the mighty Pipex Hosting 5 a side team after a summer break to recharge the batteries after a gruelling season in the spring. Unfortunately our first game back was against the top of the division, and our summer off had only resulted in a complete loss of fitness rather [...]

Search for your domain name from your iGoogle home page

We have recently launched a domain name search gadget for your iGoogle home page. To add it to your Google homepage simply click on the link above and scroll down to the 123-reg domain name search widget and click on ‘Add it now’. Now you can search for domain names directly from your personal Google [...]

Search engine pay per click guide – Part 3: writing your adverts

So far we have gone through an introduction to using search engine pay per click advertising and looked at researching and choosing your keywords in more detail. Now we can start to look at writing your PPC adverts. Writing an advert that attracts people’s attention and sells the idea of them clicking on it whilst [...]

123-reg Survey

Thanks to all of you who took part in our survey and provided some great feedback and ideas. We are currently compiling all the responses and we will start by using your feedback to begin work on improving the parts that you are unhappy about and continue with the great work that keeps you happy. [...]


A few of us from 123-reg have started going to a pub quiz on Thursdy nights and last night we got our usual trouncing , finishing rock bottom for the 2nd time in the six weeks we have been going. The sad thing is we really try. One of the rounds was a themes based [...]