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Result from the inaugural hosting 5 a side cup

After months of anticipation, last night we finally played Rackspace at 5 a side football in the first ‘Web Hosting Challenge Cup’ aka the W.H.C Cup (I just made that name up). The day did not start well with our new football kit delivered to our old Nottingham office’s address, with no hope of getting [...]

The economics of domain disputes

Another day, another well known name involved in a domain name dispute. This time it’s The Economist, which has failed to wrestle control of from a chap called Jason Rose. He bought the domain in 1996 – it currently hosts a simple picture of well-known economist Alan Greenspan. As usual, the whole affair is reported on [...]

Top 6…. reasons to join the 123-reg affiliate program

At 123-reg we run an affiliate program that let’s you earn money by putting one of our banners on your site, and earning commission for each sale you send to us. Below are the top 6 reasons why you should sign up. 1. Earn up to £100 per product Simply by placing one of our [...]

How to view military secrets with a domain name

I try to monitor the web for interesting domain name-related stories, and every now and then I stumble across one in a place where you wouldn’t expect it. Today must be one of those days, because it can’t be often that Stars and Stripes, a daily newspaper published for the US military, prints a story [...]

The longest domain in the world?

For some reason, conversation in the office earlier this week turned to long domain names. Specifically, we were wondering what the longest domain name in the world is. A quick bit of research suggests that you can have up to 63 characters in the ‘main’ bit of your domain name – the bit that comes [...]

How to avoid domain name scams

There’s a nice post over on the Tucows blog warning about fake domain name renewal notices. Tucows is a wholesale domain name registrar, so the advice is aimed mainly at other domain registration companies, but it’s an interesting read nonetheless. Fake renewal notices are basically a variation on the phishing schemes you might have seen [...]

Reaction to our Chris Anderson interview

Last month’s interview with Chris Anderson is one of the most popular posts we’ve ever put on this blog, and it attracted a bit of comment in the blogosphere. If you missed it, Chris Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of Wired and the guy who came up with The Long Tail theory. His latest big idea is about the ‘freemium [...]

All aboard for record-breaking domain sale

We’ve written before about the most expensive domain names ever. And just last week, a new price record was set for a domain. As the Register notes, the domain name changed hands for a massive £560,000. It was bought by website The domain’s going to be used to host ‘the UK’s largest [...]

A must for any domain geek’s office wall

Whilst surfing the typography forums in a bid to find the perfect logo typeface, I stumbled across a very interesting example of map making. A stroke of design genius, the Country Codes of the World map has all domain extensions of the world on one map, using only type and clever use of space. They [...]

The relationship between PPC ad positions and click through rate

Note: This post is all about pay per click advertising on search engines. If you are very new to this subject, you will find our beginners’ guides a great place to start before reading this post: Part 1 – Concept of search engine pay per click (PPC) advertising Part 2 – Research and choose your [...]