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“Is every domain name taken?” Help is at hand!

You search and you search and still you can’t find a domain name that is easy to remember, sounds cool, and is related to your website’s subject. Has every word and variation on a theme been taken? It can certainly feel that way sometimes, and it can be tempting to go for a web 2.0 [...]

Excel 2007 + adCenter = Awesome tool

If you own Microsoft Excel 2007 and you have a Microsoft adCenter advertising account, a no brainer download has to be their adCenter add-in (Beta) for Excel 2007. I have Excel 2007 on my personal lap top and I downloaded this keyword research add-in recently and I have been really impressed. I haven’t come across [...]

St George’s day

The office celebrated St George’s day yesterday and the majority of people showed up in costumes or red and white clothing. With dragons, horses and knights around the office we thought there would be some dragon slaying at some point but the day was celebrated peacefully and with lots of cake served by fair maidens. For those [...]

Tools, widgets & more great free stuff to add to your website

Custom search on your site If you have a content heavy site with lots of pages and regularly updated content, keeping it all easily accessible to site visitors is tricky. Rather than having to code your own site tool, simply copy and paste Google’s custom search code in to your site and you will magically [...]

Protect yourself from password hacking

Passwords and codes are a part of everyday life now. There is no escaping it. However, are you choosing ones which are strong enough to defeat the new bread of password hacking cyber criminals? When you have to put a password into multiple systems many times a day, it can be tempting to choose a really [...]

Pet porn, rocket cars and hand grenades

Have you heard the story of the Hungarian farmer who electrocuted himself with a homemade stun gun while trying to kill a pig? Or the chap who strapped a rocket engine to his car and crashed into a mountainside? Actually, the second one is an urban myth, as Wendy Northcutt will tell you. She’s behind the [...]

5 components of a great PPC advert

With 25 characters in the title and 35 characters per line in the body, getting across your marketing message in a search engine pay per click advert is a challenge, especially if you take in to account you will be competing with 10 organic results and 9 other paid results for the searcher’s attention. Below [...]

123-reg customer website showcase

Calling all website owners! We are planning on running a series of profiles on websites our customers have created to demonstrate what is possible with a bit of time, effort and imagination. If you have a website you are really proud of and you would like to be included drop us an email and we [...]

Recommended reading learning to use HTML & CSS

Just a quick post for those of you grappling with coding a website I have some basic HTML knowledge from one of my modules at university, for example I can start a new paragraph with p, I can make a font bold with strong, I can add different sized headings with h1, h2 etc, but [...]

Building your business profile on the web

“Your business needs a website.” In the past, perhaps this statement wasn’t true for every new company. But these days, virtually all start-ups should have an online presence from day one. There are plenty of things your business can do with a website: advertise your services, sell products online or communicate with existing customers. You [...]