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The state of the internet

If you have a few minutes to fill this morning, Akamai has released the first in a series of regular reports titled The State of the Internet. The company – which operates a global platform of servers – has used its network to collect data about internet traffic and broadband penetration. The report contains some interesting [...]

Is your online shop on the right side of the law?

Increasing consumer confidence is a must for businesses and individuals that make money from selling online. However, the latest statistics from the Office of Fair Trading highlight that even many of the UK’s top online retailers are operating illegally – and not in the best interests of the consumer. To promote a code of best [...]

Top 6… Tips for writing a creative brief

Just because you know what to type in to a text editor or how to use a graphics package doesn’t mean you can create a snazzy website or banner. I know how to use a paint brush, but it doesn’t mean I can paint, and one of the frustrating aspects for me of creating websites [...]

Video: What does Google look for in a website?

For the second in our series of videos, we’ve filmed a quick introduction to the basic elements the Google robot spiders when it arrives at a website. Essentially, it explains how search engines find and index your website. Once you’ve watched the video, you can delve deeper with some further reading provided below. Further reading [...]

Video: Writing your web copy

Welcome to the first in a new regular series on our blog… video guides! We’ll try to keep them short and to the point, and more often than not, they’ll be an introduction to a topic providing top level information. The idea is to help get you started and give you some links to find [...]

Start selling online and get ££ back

We have launched a great promotion for our business pro ecommerce package in conjunction with PayPal. The first 50 new customers who purchase a 123-reg annual business pro ecommerce account and sign up and trade on a PayPal Express Checkout or Website Payments Pro account, receive £119 in cashback. The cashback will get paid directly into the PayPal [...]

123-reg affiliates: Bidding on 123-reg brand keywords on Google

As some of you may know, since Monday 05.05.08 Google has started to allow advertisers to bid on other company’s brand names. Previously banned in the UK (but allowed in the USA), competitors are now allowed to show one of their adverts when some searches for another company’s brand name. We have already started to [...]

News in brief: America for sale and more…

I’ve been off on holiday for the last couple of weeks, and as usual my return to the office this morning has resulted in an inbox full of messages and an RSS reader full of interesting articles. My effort to catch up on all the interesting news and posts from my favourite sites is largely [...]

Celebrating with free .uk domains

Thanks to all our millions of customers we are the first to register one million .uk domains on one tag. To celebrate this, we are now giving away a free .uk domain with selected hosting, InstantSite and ecommerce packages. If you don’t have your hosting, ecommerce or InstantSite yet, get it now plus a free .uk domain. [...]

Manufacturing domain names to register

I personally don’t register a lot of domain names. The domains I do own tend to those I stumbled across that I can’t believe no one else has already got, or I have an idea for a site and in a rush of blood register the domain name and then lose all energy towards the [...]