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Emirates expiry leaves flight site stranded

We’ve mentioned previously how important it is to keep an eye on the expiry dates of your domain names. But in case you haven’t got the message yet, here’s a high-profile domain name expiry story to hammer home the point. As reported by The Register, this time it was the turn of Emirates. The Dubai-based [...]

How to create a horizontal navigation bar with CSS

Last week we grabbed the camera, balanced it on a chair (really) and filmed a couple more short videos for our series. If you haven’t caught them before, the idea is to give you an introduction to a subject. In this one, Matt talks about how to build a horizontal navigation bar for your website [...]

Hitwise top 10 site

123-reg has been recognised by Hitwise as a Top 10 Award winner for April – June 2008. During this period, 123-reg was one of the most visited websites in the UK in the category of “Computers and Internet – Hosting and Domain Registrations”.

Traditional toys from a top trader

Toybox Lane is an online toyshop built using our ecommerce package. The site has gone for a minimalist approach, letting the products do the talking. And they do have some great toys, from favourite family board games to proper wooden train sets and dolls houses. Makes you wish you were a kid again … who [...]

“How would you explain hosting to my gran?” competition is now closed

This competition is now closed for new entries and unfortunately any sent through from now on will not be considered for the prize. Thanks to everyone who entered, we will be getting in touch with the winners shortly and the explanations we liked the most will be put up on the blog as well. Just to let you know, [...]

Google’s confusing choice of name

Back in December, Google announced something new called Knol. It’s a sort of competitor to Wikipedia. They opened it to everyone this week, so now you and I can log on and write about things we know about. Or, I suppose, about things we don’t know about. Anyway, either someone at Google didn’t do their [...] taken from Scottish family

The Scottish family at the centre of a dispute over has lost control of the domain name following a decision by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). The dispute was between Richard Saville-Smith, who lives with his family in Edinburgh, and CS Lewis Ltd, which controls the rights to the works of CS Lewis. [...]

Being outdone by our neighbours

We’ve been well and truly upstaged by our business park neighbours this afternoon. While our car park is filled with a mix of humdrum Fords, Vauxhalls and other family cars, next door they’ve got pest control in. Either there’s a serious infestation in the building, or it’s some sort of promotional stunt. Either way, yes, [...]

Gardeners’ Question Time for the web

The Rissington Podcast bills itself as a “web-geek version of Gardeners’ Question Time”. This isn’t a genre I’ve stumbled upon before, but presenters Jon Hicks (who, incidentally, designed the Firefox logo) and John Oxton make for an entertaining double act. They deliver quality internet and web design tips alongside irreverent banter and jokes (and some [...]

Boost your online shop with business advice from one of the UK’s biggest websites

PayPal is one of the world’s biggest and well-known online payment systems. Thousands of online shops use the company’s services to allow people to make purchases online, so they should know a thing or two about what makes an ecommerce site successful. We asked John-Paul Savant, Director of Product and Strategy for PayPal, for his [...]