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Domain names, the web and the US election

You’d have to be trying really hard to have failed to notice that next Tuesday, people all across the USA will go to the polls to elect their next President. Every detail of the race has been covered online, on TV and radio, in the newspapers and on the web. So if you’ve already heard [...]

Top 6…. examples of link bait

Links are the holy grail of any website with aspirations of being ranked in the top 20 results on Google, both in terms of quantity and quality. How you go about getting those links is the area of SEO that sets one site apart from another. Bought, traded or mutual links can only get you so [...]

GMTV domain name slip-up, ticket site shut

We’ve spotted a couple of domain name stories in the last couple of days, both of which contain some salutory lessons for website owners and anyone who’s ever bought stuff online. GMTV website disappears Regular readers will be aware that every now and then we stumble across a story of a high-profile brand or company [...]

Interview with domainer Rob Taylor

Rob Taylor is a domainer with twelve years experience of internet development. He’s been actively involved in the domain community for seven years. Rob runs ‘Hey‘, a company which provides domain name brokering and acquisition services along side building useful websites on great domain names such as and We recently chatted to Rob [...]