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Why you should consider other domain extensions

Two domain extensions dominate the UK market. These are and .com. And you probably know why: it’s because those two domain extensions are the ones people in the UK type in first when they’re looking for something. However, there are loads of other domain extensions available too. And with ICANN’s forthcoming liberalisation of the [...]

The man who changed internet access in the UK forever

I don’t think Ajaz Ahmed would mind me saying that he isn’t a household name. But perhaps he should be. After all, you could argue that he did more to bring the internet to the general British public than almost anyone else. That’s because he came up with the idea of Freeserve, the first free [...]

Top six ways to make extra money online

Type “make cash online” into Google and you’ll probably be inundated with all manner of shonky get rich quick schemes. But even in these credit crunchy days, there are legitimate ways to earn a few extra pounds using the internet. It’s unlikely that any of these ideas will make you a life-changing amount of money, [...]

Feeling stumped? Ask your SEO questions here

As it’s 2009 (a New Year and all that) we’ve decided to introduce a new feature to the blog. We’re going to run a regular Q&A piece, offering advice about building websites, running a business, choosing domain names … all the usual stuff we cover on here. But this time we’re inviting you to send [...]

Linux and the credit crunch

Some readers of this blog will already be Linux aficionados, but for many people Linux is still technology they only have passing familiarity with.  This week The Register asks whether 2009 will be a good year for Linux. My initial reaction was that expressed in many of the article’s comments: a yawning lack of interest [...]

Everything you need to know about branding (almost)

Good branding can really help your business. But explaining what branding is and why it’s important can be tricky. For many people, a brand starts and stops with the company logo – yet actually it reaches much further than that. I’ve stumbled on an article which works as an excellent introduction to branding. It’s on [...]

“The end of the dot-com world”? Two different views of new domain extensions

Over the festive period, Fast Company published an interesting piece wondering what will happen if ICANN releases a bunch of new domain name extensions later this year. (For the backstory, see our summary of the proposals.) Calling it “the end of the dot-com world”, the somewhat controversial piece basically says that the creation of new [...]