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What is Google PageRank, and does it matter?

Last month we asked you two send us your questions about search engine optimisation. Here’s the second in our series of answers. As before, I spoke to one of the SEO experts behind InstantTraffic, our SEO service, to get a comprehensive answer. What is Google PageRank all about? Ian Ripper from Wheatland Farm sent us [...]

All my content is for members only. How do I get ranked on Google?

A couple of weeks back I asked you to submit your questions on search engine optimisation. There was a decent response and I’ve now picked a few which we’ll answer individually over the next few days. To make sure we’re giving out the best information we can, I spoke to one of the SEO experts [...]

Who deserves second-level .uk domains?

At the UK Supreme Court some are apparently unhappy with its designated domain name.  Apologies for being slightly behind with this story — but then the Sunday Telegraph society gossip page isn’t our usual source for domain-related news. A reader points out that the judiciary are separate from the government and parliament, and as a [...]