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Make your website look good in every browser

A web browser is the piece of software you use to look at internet sites. You’re using one to read this. There’s quite a choice of browsers out there. Most people use one of the most popular ones, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. And then there’s a whole host of smaller browsers. [...]

Can your website make money from advertising?

You will have seen the term affiliate marketing being bandied around on the web, and you have probably worked out that it has something to do with making money. But what exactly does an affiliate have to do to make that money? Affiliates essentially act as middle-men in the world of ecommerce. They earn commission [...]

Welcome to Brawn GP

As Formula 1 followers will know, Honda have pulled out of the sport.  Last week there was a management buy out of their former F1 team, now known as Brawn GP.  We’re delighted to see that when setting up their new official website Brawn GP chose 123-reg. It was only December when Honda announced they were [...] sells for $5.1m

We might be in the midst of a deep financial crisis, but clearly there are still a few companies out there with deep pockets. The evidence? At the end of last week, Toys R Us triumphed in a furious bidding war for, eventually agreeing to pay an enormous $5.1m for the domain name. (I [...]