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What’s in a Numeric Domain? The Rise of Universal Numbers

Given the news that Chinese web publisher paid € 56,000 for the domain name at Great Domains, a domain auction venue, we wanted to review numeric domain trends. A quick look at the top ranked sites in China reveals three numeric domains which rank among the country’s sites:, and are [...]

An Introduction to DNS

DNS (Domain Name System) always seems to be popping up when you want to create or modify a website. But if you’re not familiar with the concept, DNS can be a complicated issue to deal with. This article will explain the role of DNS on the web. Imagine you posted a letter with the address [...]

Get your pay per click advertising questions answered

In our first Q&A, we asked for your questions about search engine optimisation. And we answered a couple of the most interesting ones – on password protected content and Google PageRank. This time round, we’re bringing in a search engine advertising expert from Euston Digital to answer your questions on pay per click advertising. Pay [...]

Get tanned while you work?

Most of us mere mortals don’t have access to a sun bed at work. But given the alarmingly high rate of skin cancer cases in the UK, this is probably a good thing. In reality those of us seeking the artificial sun God are really living in the dark, ‘blister-fully’ ignorant of the harm that [...]