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How to find free photos for your website with Flickr and Creative Commons

Finding photos for your website can be difficult. Copyright means you can’t just grab ones you like from other sites – and if you do, there’s a bigger-than-ever chance you’ll get caught. This recent story about a US family who discovered their photo was used by a shop in Prague demonstrates just that, and tools [...]

How securing your website helps you sell to more customers

IT security’s more interesting than you might think. Really, it is – remember all that fuss over lost CDs and stolen laptops? It’s also something you should think about carefully for your own website. As you might have noticed, we recently launched a new security product on our main website: SSL certificates. These provide the [...]

Bing! Another name for Microsoft’s search engine is ready

Microsoft hasn’t had the best of luck with its search engine really. As far as we can tell, since 2005 its Google competitor has been called MSN Search, Windows Live Search and – most recently – Live Search. It’s a bit unfair to suggest that the only thing that changed in that time was the [...]