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We speak to the woman who changed her name to

As names go, we’re sure you’d agree that is a pretty unusual one. We’ve never met anyone named after a domain name before. So when we read about a Manchester woman who’d changed her name from Claire Forshaw to by deed poll, we decided to investigate further. The full story was in the [...]

Microsoft Office is coming to your web browser

Last week it was Google deciding to create its own operating system. This week it’s Microsoft making the big announcement: that the next version of Microsoft Office will be available online, for free. Take that, Google Apps! Microsoft Office is one of the company’s most important products – it includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access [...]

Ready for a sweet treat? We now tweet!

Unless you’ve been paying zero attention to the newspapers, TV and web over the last few months, you must’ve heard of Twitter. The ‘microblogging’ site has received loads of press – helped by people like Stephen Fry and Jonathan Ross who’ve enthusiastically taken to the service. We’ve now joined them, and if you already use [...]

Google announces new operating system, goes head-to-head with Microsoft

It’d be interesting to be a fly on the wall at Microsoft’s headquarters today. Why? Well, Google has just fired the most blatant shot yet in its battle to take business from Microsoft, with news that the search giant is working on its very own operating system, to be called Google Chrome Operating System. The [...]

Fun with Firefox 3.5

As you’ve probably heard, Firefox 3.5 has been released and is available to download. There are changes and new features in several areas, but some of the most interesting for web developers are the new CSS effects: rounded corners, various forms of shadows, and providing fonts to use for text. The Mozilla Hacks site has [...]

The domain market goes crazy for Michael Jackson

When news of Michael Jackson’s death broke last week, it sent shockwaves around the world. Celebrities don’t come much bigger and that meant from London to Lima, New York to New Delhi, everyone was talking about it. Canny domainers (those people who buy and sell domain names at a profit) don’t usually miss a trick. [...]