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Could TV advertising disappear altogether?

Working in the online industry, it’s easy to forget how new this internet thing is. Five years ago, the amount of online shopping was a fraction of what it is today. Ten years ago, Amazon was far from being a household name – and Google was being run out of a garage by two guys [...]

Six reasons you should be on Twitter

This week we’re taking a look at Twitter. Yesterday we gave six reasons it’s a complete waste of time. Today, it’s the other side of the coin: six reasons you really should be using it. Confused? Please forgive our contradictory stance. We just wanted to show the whole argument. In case you’re wondering, we already [...]

Six reasons why Twitter is a waste of time

As it goes, we’re pretty big fans of Twitter. But this week, we’ve decided to put the case for and against the popular social network. Today: why it’s a waste of time. Tomorrow: why it’s not. Completely disagree with one of these views? Don’t forget to leave a comment at the bottom. It’s been the [...]

How to find search engine romance – hot tips to improve your search engine ranking

Every website needs to woo search engines like Google and Yahoo. But forget boxes of chocolates, flowers and expensive dinner dates, search engines are only interested in one thing…optimisation. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of courting search engines. Yes, they can be the most elusive of prospects. But don’t get yourself into a [...]