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How to get more when you Search on Twitter

When it comes to search engines in 2009, most of the buzz has been around ‘Twitter Search’.  Twitter allows you to search for what people are talking about in ‘real time’. Both Google and Bing have jumped on the ‘real-time’ bandwagon. To start with Google started featuring almost-real-time results from prominent bloggers, and Bing began [...]

Identify search trends using Google Insights for search

As a website owner, the chances are that you’ve thought long and hard about how to drive traffic to your website from Google. You can do this through either Search Engine Optimisation or Pay per Click Advertising. Whichever you choose – and we recommend both – the first step on this journey is all about [...]

Won’t be seeing .yu again

Interesting little domain name related story in The Guardian last week. The domain name extension .yu, the country code for the now-disintegrated former Yugoslavia, was finally retired last Wednesday. This extension has been replaced by .rs (Serbia) and .me (Montenegro), although at the time the Guardian article was written, about 4,000 .yu domains hadn’t switched [...]