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Avoid Blog Fog

Blog Fog: writer’s block for bloggers can affect even the most dedicated. 123-reg has six top tips to avoid Blog Fog

Think before you Tweet

A tongue-in-cheek twitter search site is trying to raise awareness of being careful what information you let out into the public arena via social networking.

Here comes Google Buzz. What does it mean?

Another day, another announcement from Google. Seriously, does a week go by when the search giant doesn’t unleash something new on the world? This time it’s Google Buzz that’s grabbed the limelight. This is a social networking tool that works from within Google Mail, the company’s free email service. Think of it as a kind of [...]

Top six ways to use our student hosting offer

You might have seen that we’re running a great deal on hosting for students. You can get our Plus hosting package, a .info domain name and free access to lots of industry-standard Microsoft software for just £1 a month. There’s more information here. If you know a great deal when you see one but don’t [...]

Use Google Browser Size Tool to improve your web design

Web Design isn’t easy. You’ve got to think about menu structure, page layout, colours, fonts and images. When setting out each page, you need to sort out where everything goes. Your menu bar, logo, text, products, forms and buttons all need to slot together into a single design. So how can you decide what goes [...]

Have you seen our great student hosting offer?

We’d love to be at university. With the combination of cheap beer, late nights, even later mornings and about four hours of lectures a week, we’d … oh hold on, what is this, some cliché-ridden exposé of the student lifestyle? Sorry, we’ll stop being patronising and get to the point. We’ve got a great hosting [...]