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Googling for Google

While internet take-up may continue to increase rapidly it doesn’t mean that those users, old and new actually understand how even the basics work.

Where do you do it?

A report from the US suggests the social media generation are showing worrying signs of addiction as Facebook, Twitter, and even SMS threaten to dominate their day-to-day lives. The latest Retrevo Gadgetology Report reveals a nation becoming obsessed with social media. 19% of respondents aged under 25 admitted that if they wake up in the [...]

.tel you what…

The internet is supposed to make our lives easier and communication simpler, but how many of us  carry around more than one mobile phone, have a different Skype number and run several email accounts? Then there are the accounts for Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have one place where [...]

Six free tools to help you build a better website

Whether you’re a pro web designer building websites for clients, or you’re just starting out with the 123-reg Instantsite website building tool, there are some great free resources out there to help you make a better website. Here are a few of my favourites. 1. ColorZilla Colorzilla is a free extension for the Firefox browser [...]

Your face type could become your typeface

Before the rise of the personal computers, the differing styles of lettering were comfortingly known as typefaces, and a font was just one variation within that typeface. Now one designer is taking that traditional term literally and developing a nifty piece of software that will allow a user to create a font (or typeface) based [...]

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day

Today is St Patrick’s Day and that always seems a great time for a celebration. Whatever the occasion, if you are planning your own celebration, the internet is a great resource for recipes, craft ideas and almost anything you need to make your event go with a swing. St Patrick’s Day is no exception. We’ve [...]

Students: what happens when graduate employers Google your name?

Any final year students out there? Have you started getting into that tricky job hunting phase yet, when the need to find some way of earning a bit of post-university cash starts jostling for attention alongside revision and making the most of your remaining university months? It’s not that long since some of us here [...]

New opening for Triple ‘x’ sites?

They could quite literally become the hottest domains on the planet if the internet governing body Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) give the go ahead tomorrow to a new top level domain – the .xxx.

Connecting with your MP

In the run up to the General Election our elected representatives are going to be doing everything they can to convince us that they are the right person for their constituency. Now you can follow an MP’s every move via your phone.