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Online shopping continues to thrive

The latest results from the IMRG CapGemini e-Retail Sales Index show that total sales online increased by 22% in May compared to last year in the highest growth since June 2008. Sales were boosted by warm weather and the bank holiday weekends. We might be in economically difficult times, but UK internet users continue to [...]

A nice domain name story

Over the years there have been plenty of stories about domain speculators looking to make a fast-buck from the death of a superstar – take for example the rush last year for Michael Jackson related domains following his death. Now though, we are able to report a more humanistic domain story based around the death [...]

Wimbledon? Yep, there’s an app for that too

You’ve probably noticed that this is a particularly sport-filled June. Not only is the football in full-swing, but the annual strawberries-and-creamathon that is Wimbledon has opened its doors too. Where there’s a big sporting event, you’ll usually find big technology. And Wimbledon has tech in spades. From Hawk-Eye‘s computerised assistance for close line calls to [...]

Internet reaches new location

After taking on the mighty Brazillians in their opening World Cup group game, the North Korean side have another difficult encounter today in their second group game. The North Korean side are not one of the best supported sides in the competition – political restrictions would hinder that anyway, but those fans that are there [...]

The end of exam hall fear?

However far you pursued or are pursuing your education, there is no doubt, that feeling of fear and adrenaline you experience when standing outside the exam hall is something you will always remember. Equally so, that eerie silence, almost atmospheric void you experienced once you were in the exam sat at your desk. Yet, now [...]

Top 6 security mistakes to avoid

You can’t move for well-meaning security advice. For the basics, we recommend checking out Get Safe Online, PC Advisor’s Security Bible – plus Microsoft’s advice. And to keep you on the right track, here are six common security mistakes. If you can avoid making these basic errors you’ll be well on the way to keeping [...]

Gaming revolution: No-body does it better.

The Wii generation revolutionised the gaming world and offered a response to those saying we all risked developing into couch-potato gaming geeks. However, even die-hard gamers and Wii fans have probably had gaming sessions, slumped on the sofa rather than taking on the full gaming experience, which somewhat cheats the Wii concept. This Autumn however, [...]

Fed up with Football already?

Well that’s the first weekend of the World Cup over with but there is plenty more to come. Fed-up already? If you are the sporty-type but prefer your balls in a different shape or size, there’s Wimbledon to come and we’ll be updating you more on that with another fantastic 123-reg offer in due course. [...]

Prizes and the World Cup

So today is the start of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. As well as the accolade of being football World Champions and the inevitable life-long sponsorship spin-offs that could bring, there is a big of pot of gold for the winners of this year’s World Cup in South Africa. The winning country [...]

Did Twitter help kill off Big Brother?

And so we have entered the final chapter of the Big Brother saga with Big Brother 11, quite literally a circus. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that as a concept Big Brother was revolutionary to the way TV is created and the way we live our lives. The rise in popularity of BB [...]