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Friends Reunited is ten years old

It was at the forefront of the social-networking revolution and it is now ten years since Friends Reunited launched in Britain, helping millions of Brits join up with old school friends. Old flames, nosey-parkers or just reminiscent class-mates signed up in droves and the sight captured the UK public’s imagination in the UK long before [...]

Banks not ‘Banking’ on Twitter

We found an interesting post on the Virgin Media Business Blog about the way Britain’s High Street Banks are using Twitter to stay in touch with customers – or rather how they are not. Given their recent track record in terms of customer confidence and the fact that a free service like Twitter allows businesses [...]

Government goes open-source

Possibly as part of its cost reductions, but certainly part of a push towards usability, the British government has open sourced some of its own custom-built software. It will make it easier for developers to create applications that access its backend systems thanks to a released of  a CKAN module for the Drupal content management [...]

12 characters safer with modern PCs

We seem to have more passwords than close friends nowadays and the combinations of numbers and letters are already difficult to remember but now experts at the Georgia Tech Research Institute are suggesting anything less than 12 characters could be quickly cracked. The issue is the additional computing now on offer, in particular the processing [...]

Are you set for global Domain-ation

If your business shows some eastern promise we’ve got more domains to expand your horizons. We’ve extended our choice of domain names again giving you a world of possibilities. We know you like to have choice for your domain names so we’ve headed east again for our latest offerings to set your site apart. If the Middle East is [...]

Updating updates is important.

It’s probably one of the most irritating parts of your day. The time when just after switching on your PC it shouts back ‘Updates available’. Increased connectivity and improved approaches to security means that almost every piece of software installed on your system can now monitor for updates and let you know when they are [...]

Is the Kindle about to spark to life?

In the USA Amazon’s electronic book device, the Kindle, has been around for a while and the fact that the US site recently announced it was selling more digital books than hardbacks suggests the concept has taken off well the other side of the Atlantic. Yet until now, the Kindle has only been available in [...]

Whois it?

With identity fraud a rising concern and the quest to keep personal information private at the forefront of most of out minds it may be time to audit what information about you is available out there on the internet. Did you know that when you register a domain name, the registration details are available to [...]

Are you ignoring SEO?

If you said “SEO what?” then you are probably part of a quarter of marketeers that a new report suggests know little of nothing about search engine optimisation. Agency dotSEO have released findings that suggest 28% of SMEs aren’t even using relevant keywords on their website. In the report Naked SEO, a fifth of those [...]