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Europe or the USA?

Whether you love or loathe the game of golf you probably won’t have escaped the news that this weekend – starting tomorrow  – the Ryder Cup takes place at the Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, Wales. One of the world’s greatest examples of friendly sporting rivalry, the ‘competition’ sees the best golfers from Europe taking on [...]

Specialised searches

It’s a human trait that once we find something that works and gives good results we like to stick with it. Every now and then we might rebel and check if the grass is greener elsewhere but in general if we find something we like we will stick with it. The same is true about [...]

Tackling VOIP security

The diversity  and ever changing nature of the internet also means the evolution of a new range of abuses of systems, procedures and laws. Cyber-crime is on the increase with more and more people getting online and with that comes the appearance of new types of crime. In what is thought to be the first [...]

Who k-new?

Keeping up to date with Google’s latest developments, tweaks and introductions could almost be a full-time job. The Google development labs across the world is an ever expanding team, launching and improving something almost daily. Of course, the big stories hit the national headlines such as the launch of Google Instants but unless you have [...]

New Digital Direction for the Government

As head of Digital Engagement for the government, Andrew Stott was responsible for the much-discussed Twitter rules and other suggestions about how government departments should use social media and still abide by civil service rules. After a busy start however, Stott had a fairly low profile and yesterday announced his retirement from the post – [...]

Twitter ‘madness’ due to their in-house error

Yesterday’s Twitter issues – self-replicating worm code distributed when hovering over malicious code – highlighted the potential frailties of such a widespread online tool and the worldwide disruption that could be caused with the slightest security breach. Yet as a posting yesterday on the official Twitter blog suggests, the whole issue was a result of [...]

Entrepreneurs should be disruptive

So says Richard Branson on his blog. “Disruption is all about risk-taking, trusting your intuition and rejecting the way things are supposed to be” he goes on. Looking at Branson himself, other successful entrepreneurs, their characters and backgrounds there certainly seems to be something in it. In the current economic climate we keep hearing that [...]

Arrrrrr! – Friday fun

Fifteen years ago Americans John Baur and Mark Summers were playing racquetball – similar to Squash – and for some reason began issuing their usual playful banter in pirate speak. They can’t remember why, but what they did realise was that the game time went quicker and the pirate speak made it a lot more [...]

Twitter’s new look: Have you got it yet?

Twitter has had a facelift; a make-over; a tweak. Or at least so they tell me. I’ve seen the screenshots, I’ve even read some tweets about how ‘awesome’ it is, but like many I speak to it is something I have yet to experience. The roll out of the new look is underway but will [...]

ICANN can because it is independent

The body responsible for the domain  system across the internet – the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) – must remain out of control of one single owner or group, if it is continue its success according to the head of the organisation. Icann president and chief executive Rod Beckstrom told attendees at [...]