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Friday Fun: It’s Christmas!

Well OK, not quite, but it is only 8 weeks away – and fast approaching as people begin to get into the festive spirit. So we thought we had better give you a heads-up on what are expected to be top of the Christmas lists of boys and girls up and down the country.The UK [...]

Making the most of Twitter

So you’ve got yourself on Twitter. You are communicating two-way with customers and potential customers and seeing some benefit, but are you making the most of Twitter? Here’s three tools you should be using for maximum effectiveness: Hootsuite There are lots of options when it comes to software that makes using Twitter easier and more [...]

A Haunting Halloween for .me and you

We’ve got a new deal to get your teeth into. Have you seen our domain Count on the 123-reg home page? Our Halloween offer has .me domain names for a spooky £6.66. Always fancied your own .me (perfect for a personalised domain) then this offer (.me is usually priced at £14.99) must be an omen. [...]

We’ve Been Getting Online

After celebrating the harvest and just before we start gearing up for the goodwill of Christmas it’s about the right time to be thinking of helping others. The government-backed Get Online Week has had plenty of coverage in the mainstream media but the success of the campaign will only be seen in a few months time [...]

Kickstart your mobile search campaign

Whilst mobile still represents a small overall share of search volumes, its fast growing. Smartphone, iPhone, iPad and Android device use is on a steep upward curve, so this is a great time to start focusing your time and effort on building effective mobile search campaigns. It’s not simply a case of adding in smartphone [...]

Getting your website working for you this Christmas

We have just 66 days to go until Christmas. Times are hard and consumers are being even more prudent with what they are buying this Christmas, which means they are on the hunt for a bargain. There are plenty of offers out there if you look hard enough and we thought you might like a [...]

Get Online Week is coming

The fact that you are reading this means that you are already on line, but we hope this blog will inspire you into helping others as we gear up for Get Online Week that begins on Monday next week. Running between 18th and 24th October 2010, the whole idea of the Government-backed Get Online Week initiative is to help people [...]

Miners woes bring out human side of Social Media

After the last of the 33 Chilean Miners and their rescue team made it to the surface in the early hours of this morning the book deals, documentaries and Hollywood films were probably already being signed. Yet, the ‘media’ tale of the miners’ ordeal will not be the reminiscing, archive-type traditional methods of documenting historic [...]

English Language Day

You may have seen stories last week about National Poetry Day but were you aware this was just one event in a week long celebration of the English language? As part of the same celebration, today is English Language Day. What? English Language Day is part of the English Project and is apparently “an opportunity [...]

The power of Social Media Feedback

In an example of the power of social media as a business feedback tool, clothing retailer has reverted back to its former logo as a result of criticism it received about its new one via Twitter and Facebook. The familiar “Blue Box” design is to return after the new “more contemporary, modern expression”version of black [...]