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Understanding searchers to maximise your site

The Google Keyword Volume Tool has been around for years in some form or other but via the odd tweak here and there has now evolved into a ‘must visit’ site for anybody designing a new web project. The Keyword tool is linked with Google Adwords designed to find you words you might want to [...]

TV and social media embrace

You may have noticed more and more television shows plugging their Twitter accounts or Facebook pages in recent months? It seems the TV executives have finally acknowledged that social media is here to stay and while maybe a potential threat to their own livelihoods longer term, is certainly a necessary evil they need to be [...]

Google’s moderating revealed

While Google remains one of the most sophisticated ‘automated’ search engines around it still has a crack commando team of human experts checking content is suitable and meets its guidelines and dealing with those sites that don’t. This YouTube video presented by Matt Cutts, a Search engineer at Google explains more about its search rank [...]

Transacting online – almost a way of life

The latest IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index report out last week showed that the number of online transactions continues to rise as more and more people accept it as the quickest and easiest way of doing business. The report revealed a spend of £5.1 billion during January in total equating to a year-on-year increase of [...]

Just when you had got to grips with SEO

Google go and change the rules… Or rather, they re-interpret the rules. This article shows an interesting move by Google to fiddle with site titles. It appears that no matter how well planned or thought out your site titles, maybe with enhanced SEO in mind, Google may change that when it appears in site listings, [...]

Whatever next?

This blogger has been online for too many years to mention and one of my earliest ‘jobs’ was reviewing new websites submitted to a then leading search engine – oh how things have changed. So it is fair to say that I have come across websites about pretty much every subject under the sun, doing [...]

Paying for content? You will be

We’ve written before about the move by some providers to charge for content and suggested that before too long it will become the norm. This week that scenario came another step close with both Apple and Google announcing payment systems for subscription to online content. Apple was first with a service for newspaper, magazine, music [...]

It’s called gamification

  Tesco do it, QR codes are perfect for it, FourSquare added another dimension to it, and it’s currently the buzzword amongst marketing and IT geeks worldwide. Gamification is all-about taking the concept of game playing and putting it to use in non-game applications. “Making a chore fun” is one definition we have heard and [...]

Old Skool hack attacks

Last week we blogged about how the latest technology was still vulnerable to security attacks and this week it appears that too many are forgetting traditional threats are still around. According to a report released last month by Akamai Technologies Inc an increased number of cyber-attacks are being made via the port traditionally used for [...]

Smart Phones need smarter security

As more and more and of us live our lives via our smartphones, the more appealing those phones become to thieves and criminals. News now reaches us of two security researchers who have been able to access saved passwords from iPhones previously locked with a password. The two researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure [...]