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Social Media and the bigger picture

If ever glance at those job ads you see down the side of many webpages you will have noticed an increased number of positions with ‘social media’ in the title. The fact is social media is – or should be – an integral part of every business but too often, even those advertising for ‘social [...]

The Royal Wedding – online

Today is the day. Prince William and Catherine Middleton today will be wed amongst a wealth of excitement across the globe. Millions are expected to flood the capital today – an extra public holiday in the UK – with some having camped out along the route for days hoping to grab a glimpse of the [...]

Forget 3D here’s 5D!

Just as 3D technology begins to become more familiar in our homes, so somewhere in the world has to go another step further, well actually two steps further. Unsurprisingly, that place in the world is Japan where Sharp has revealed details of new theme park attraction dubbed “The 5D Miracle Tour”. The dutch-themed, Huis Ten [...]

It’s all app-enning

Smartphones are our future so we keep getting told and a recent survey reported recently in New Media Age suggests the UK consumer is embracing App technology as a way of purchasing, ordering and simply spending money online. In fact the the research conducted by OnePoll on behalf of the marketing firm The Bio Agency, [...]

Google’s Social invite

You know how sometimes you get an invite to a party where the person extends the invite you and a guest by using the “+1″ suffix? Well Google has brought the concept to the web so that if you find a decent site when searching its database you can recommend it to others using the [...]

RIPA up and start again

Well not exactly ripping it up but the UK government has today revealed final amendments to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA), which aim to prevent consumer broadband ISPs from intercepting their customers personal internet communications (e.g. by tracking visited web page URL addresses). The move is a direct response to European Commission demands [...]

Rewarding the top internet projects in the UK

It is that time of year when time is running out to get your nominations in for the five categories of the Nominet Internet Awards. The awards recognise achievements of organisations and individuals who have created projects that help make the internet a more inclusive, enjoyable and safer space for everyone. The five categories of [...]

1UP to those who Pong’d

Forget Call of Duty, FIFA et al, those of us of an older generation remember when gaming was about piling 10p pieces into a giant box in some arcade in an attempt to make clunky sprites move as fast as our fingers could pound the buttons. If you are of the age where the coin-op [...]

Google’s latest goodies

Those lads and lasses at Google labs are a clever bunch and they’ve recently rolled-out a couple of new useful tools to make web surfing more enjoyable and seamless. Here’s what the Google Systems Blog recently revealed. First up Google Dictionary has been added to the Search tool. Although sadly not for all. Google are [...]

Facebook success is all in the timing

A new report last week from Buddy Media suggests when you post on Facebook can have as much if not more bearing on how your customers engage with you as what you post. The key being that Facebook is a 24-hour community and that many of those you may seek to attract aren’t actually going [...]