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Top six killer SEO tips for your website

Over the years we’ve covered the art of search engine optimisation (SEO)  here in some detail. From understanding what search engine optimisation is to creating content which attracts lots of links, we have advice that can help. The thing is, we have so many blog posts now that it’s not that easy to find the [...]

Now event ticket buying just got more social

With the summer all but over, so is the festival season that has kept social networks busy in recent months with photo postings, check-ins or simple profile updates. Those active in social media like to show off where they are and what they are doing and those not so lucky to be there like to [...]

Smartphones will rule our world

For some of us they probably already do rule our worlds, but if you needed some statistics to back up the importance of smartphones in the years to come, a new study from research firm IHS iSuppli forecasts the global shipment of smartphones will pass 1 billion by 2015 – that’s more than double the [...]

Google ringing the changes

Back at the end of July, Google announced  via the Official Google Blog, that they were winding down Google Labs, the place where embryonic ideas of the past have been allowed space and exposure to breathe and develop. Since then projects such as App Inventor for Google, Talk Guru and more recently Google News Timeline [...]

Social Media School Report?

The internet and especially the social media world is full of infographics, some of varying quality and most covering the same old topics. Every now and then however, we come across one a little bit different and this is one of those. The Social Media High School Yearbook from is a pretty good attempt at [...]

Top 50 e-tailers reveal climbers and fallers

The latest Top 50 e-Retailers report from IMRG and Experian Hitwise sees no change in the top 2 (Amazon and Argos leading the way) but there are a few changes in rank and one new entry into the top 10. With the summer upon us it was travel sites who improved most over the last [...]

Government coffers confirmed for Broadband

We’ve reported on here many times the importance of online business and the importance of fast internet access across the country to ensure businesses can be successful. The government has announced that £530m is to be invested across the UK, with Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt indicating that £294.8m would go to English counties, £68.8m and [...]

What bloggers see, bloggers say.

The events of unrest, rioting and looting across major cities in the UK have had plenty of media coverage both home and abroad. In an interesting role-swap, some of the most insightful commentary has come not from the UK online community but those in the Arab world, who just a few months themselves were leading [...]

How advertising will move from TV to Online

More and more of consumer time is spent online. And more and more of that is spent watching online video. But there’s been a lag in the amount of TV ad money that has made the shift to online. Google recently debuted findings at the IAB Digital Video Conference of some research which looked into [...]

My family think I am. Are you?

Addicted to using your smartphone? I have to admit I have had the odd complaint at the family dinner table after finding myself checking for that all important email as my phone buzzed (at least it was on silent), and the latest survey from Ofcom suggests I am not alone. I even fit into the [...]