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Buying fans and followers?

Think again if you want to build a business What’s the point? Sure, you can buy bulk fans and followers but that’s all there is. You will pride yourself with the enormous number of accounts (!) following your timeline but how many of them will ever read a line you write. What are the odds [...]


Applying Social Media Practices

How to integrate social media into your business Any business, regardless of its domain of activity, has to adapt to change. Nowadays, this means shifting to online because that’s where customers are spending most of their time. Social media has become vital for business owners, especially when they’re running important marketing campaigns. It’s an incredibly [...]

In with the new and out with the insights

You may have already seen, but Facebook has introduced a new Page Insights dashboard. Great, there’s more information and more knowledge to utilise…but we only just got used to using the old one! For now Facebook is running the old insights (you will have to opt int to use the new version) but the company [...]

Freelancers doing it together

There may be a sort of irony in those who have chosen the freelance way of life joining together but freelancing is more about efficiency and work-life balance than working on your own. Today is the third annual National Freelancers Day celebrating the freelance way of work and in current economic times it is an [...]

What’s in a name?

If you are serious about your new project, then you should be considering covering all international options in terms of your domain name. You may be starting off in the UK, but if things go well, it is very easy in the modern online well to have a service or range of goods that appeals [...]

Usability: Nielsen’s view

User experience between the desktop and the mobile device Tips from user interface guru – Jakob Nielsen Jacok Nielsen is an expert when it comes to web usability and user experience. He’s actually the founder of usability science and his contribution has helped a lot in understanding how human-PC interaction works. He recently published a [...]

#GEWUK Entrepreneurs creating the conversation

10 million people are expected to take part in this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week  which begins today, 40,000 events in 104 countries have been organised, suggesting there’s quite a few committed to addressing the current global economic crisis by getting out there and just doing it themselves. “Every business starts with a conversation. Start yours [...]

Is your wireless set-up making you vulnerable?

Whether for business or at home, the chances are you are flowing a considerable amount of sensitive documentation via a wireless network. Technology is amazing at allowing us to get away from wires, but just as the boffins have enabled us to move around a lot more while still accessing data, so other boffins have [...]

Twitter’s Free Analytics

Do you know how much traffic Twitter is bringing to your site? Wouldn’t you like to get in-depth information on how your content is being shared across Twitter? With Twitter’s new Web Analytics tool you can measure the amount of traffic that Twitter is sending to your site and see exactly which type of content [...]

Global brands see greater value in .com

An article in the US business magazine Bloomberg BusinessWeek suggests two of the world’s biggest brands don’t think new gTLD plans will affect them using their traditional .com. The article includes confirmation from representatives of Procter and Gamble and Hewlett Packard saying that they don’t plan to apply for new top level domain names. That’s [...]