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8 WordPress Plugins you have to Install

WordPress is one of the most well known blogging platforms. In recent years it has evolved so much that people like myself use it as the CMS of choice for all their websites. As well as this you can install a wide range of plugins, acting like extensions/add-ons to the WordPress platform, that can really [...]

Ifttt may make your life easier

The home page for IFTT simply reads: “Put the internet to work for you” It’s so simple, you think somebody must have invented this before, but to be honest this is the first time we’ve come across IFTT or any of its ilk and we love it. So what is IFTT? Well IFTT stands for [...]

6 tips on lowering bounce

If you are not up on the lingo, bounce-rate refers to the percentage of visitors that leave a site directly from a specific page. It may sound complicated, but with a simple free analytics tool and following these 6 tips you can soon be understanding it and addressing any high bounce-rate pages with success. 1. [...]

Truly free public WiFi?

As it battles to retain a hold on the mobile phone market Nokia has announced a deal to offer free wi-fi in London. Partnering with Spectrum Interactive, Nokia is to launch a two-month trial of a free wi-fi service in central London. If the trial proves successful, there are plans to extend the service in [...]

How to check the pulse of your marketing efforts in just 10 Minutes

Time: We’re always complaining we don’t have enough time to get things done. However, as a marketer no day should go by without getting up to date with your website analytics. Results matter so you have to check and see if your marketing efforts are paying off. This article covers a few simple steps you [...]