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Sharing is the key to success

If you see a website now without a Twitter or Facebook button you will probably agree it looks a bit bare. It has become almost a guaranteed feature and it is not just because it looks pretty. Sharing works, both for your social media and now also for your website listing too with Google placing [...]

Use transcriptions so the world can see your videos

We’ve highlighted the SEO value in YouTube before, as the second largest search engine in the world, you are fool not to be featuring your brand, but it appears few people know about a YouTube feature that not only expands your reach but can also improve your SEO. For every video uploaded you have probably [...]

Remember the basics

The key to successful social media use, is knowing why you moved into the field in the first place. At the hub of your social media strategy should be communication. It is important too that you remember communication is a two-way tool, so by all means spread your message but also listen too. The best [...]

Quality of fans & followers versus quantity

The phrase quality over quantity is nothing new – even in business – but the first thing to point out is that even if you do follow this old adage you will have to preach hard to almost everyone you meet that that is the right approach. It’s human nature that we want answers, quantifiable [...]

Top 6 reasons to switch to VPS hosting

When building a site, people focus mainly on choosing a catchy domain name and on designing a nice look for it. Deciding what type of hosting a site needs seems to be less important, although it should be a priority. Most people, when choosing a hosting plan, go with either shared or dedicated hosting. However, [...]

A-Z social media

Photography and art sharing

Sharing and hosting images on the internet is by no means a new concept, in fact even in the early days of the internet it was possible to view images on web pages. But for a long time the only real way to host an image was to have that image directly on your website [...]

New domain name applications are open now

If you believe the hype, 2012 could be the year of new domain names. That’s because plans for the liberalisation of the domain name market – which were discussed and debated for years – are finally being put into practice. This month saw applications open for the creation of new domain name extensions. Think .london, [...]

A-Z social media

Online Advocacy and Fundraising

Social media sites are no longer just for social communication between friends. Many organisations have turned to social media to capture a rapidly growing audience.  Social media is the perfect medium for charities and other non-profit organisations as not only are they free but it also means you can reach out to a staggering amount [...]

6 New Year’s Resolutions for a successful 2012

So the year has settled in – too quickly for our liking – and no doubt you’ve already broken all those resolutions you made on December 31st. So we thought two weeks in would make a time to set some more resolutions to keep this year and some that are more business specific and designed [...]

The UK is watching

Whether it was people trying to overcome party hangovers or kids finishing school in the middle of the month, YouTube is celebrating December 2011 as its busiest month of traffic ever. According to Experian Hitwise,  YouTube now accounts for 1 in every 4 visits to a social network in the UK and 1 in 30 [...]