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How designing a website has changed

Back in the day, when the internet was in its infancy getting a website up and running needed a team of experts, or a very multi-talented individual with six different hats. Many businesses still follow that model when looking for their first website now, but it needn’t be the case. Creating a website is easy [...]

Q&A: what .uk domain changes mean for you

From the start of May it’ll be possible to register .uk domain names for up to ten years at a time. Our domains and hosting expert Richard Winslow explains what the changes are and what they mean for you. What’s changing with .uk domain registrations? “Until now it’s only been possible to register .uk domain [...]

Zebras amongst horses. Make your brand stand out in the social media ring

Q6A9MT8X79G8   So we’ve given you 25 articles giving you hundreds of ideas as to how you can achieve the perfect template for successful social media. Now here is the final article in the series and the time where we say forget that… Be yourself If it was all about everybody doing the same thing, [...]

Yesterday is too late. Current content is crucial

Did you read that last week about….?? Probably yes. The internet’s virality means news travels fast, so keeping your blog up to date with the latest news is probably not within your resources, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep it current. Current gives power Just as the current down your electricity wire drives  your [...]

Not even the greatest get it right every time

Sometimes even best laid plans hit a hurdle, but there’s always a solution – you probably just need some help and support. Here at 123-reg we always want you to get the best out of our services and products so we are constantly evolving our support systems to make sure we can provide the help [...]

How we’ve changed the way we shop

It was 2010 that the world first really became gripped with social shopping. Online shopping had already begun to become a serious rival to the high street, with voucher codes fueling the rise and then social networking elements kicked in too. Traditional trade The internet is often only a reflection of the physical more traditional [...]

X marks the spot for location based social media

Location, location, location. It’s a phrase that for years most small businesses will have had at the heart of their original business plan, but the internet has changed things dramatically. Where as once where a professional set up practice, or where a specific type of retailer opened a shop, was as much to do with [...]

A fun and factual daily task

Did you know that Google run a daily puzzle challenge? The Google-a-Day sub-site is designed to improve your googling skills and of course help Google in their ever continuing thirst for knowledge. Each morning at 00:01 EST (That’s 05:01 GMT), Google sets a new puzzle and also posts the answer to the previous day’s teaser. [...]

When is the best time to post & share content

As with every answer related to social media, there isn’t just one answer to when you should post – every business is different, but there is certainly an increasing volume of research into what works best when. Look at it Scientifically Dan Zarella the social media scientist at HubSpot is one of the leading lights [...]

Victory comes by following the masses

Big isn’t necessarily best in social media terms, as we hope you have begun to understand from reading the 123-reg A-Z of Social Media, however small can be bad. You won’t be a success in the social media arena if your reach is too small and you certainly won’t see suitable returns either. So get [...]