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Worldwide Smartphone Boom: How Businesses and Social Media Benefit

Trying to collate user information for Facebook and Twitter can be slightly tricky at best. If for arguments sake we accept that Facebook has in excess of 750 million users and Twitter has just recently passed the 100 million mark, we can say with a large amount of confidence that these sites command a great [...]

How long before you start getting SEO results?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in SEO. Unfortunately, there is no exact time frame as there are many factors that determine how long it takes for an implemented SEO strategy to be effective. SEO should be a long term strategy, but few companies understand this and expect immediate, if not instant [...]

Iain Lee - The Magic of the Internet

The Iain Lee Column: The Magic of the Internet

The internet is an amazing place. It can unite, inspire, move and arouse. There are an infinite number of sites to look at and an amazing amount of information out there, waiting to be accessed. Why then do I only ever really look at 4 sites – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and eBay? I have to [...]

A world of possibilities…

The internet truly offers a world of possibilities. You can connect to friends on the other side of the world, you can purchase almost anything your ever wanted (and lots you never needed), you can watch video, listen to music, you can even remotely control appliances within your home. The internet is fantastic at giving [...]

Google tightens up as a research tool

If you need to know something, clarify something or just check some facts you used to be told “phone a friend”. Nowadays even your gran would probably tell you to “Google it”. Yet, as Google’s vast database has grown and SEO experts have tried hard to hog the top search results, actually finding those facts [...]

Commuting the message – why domains are so important

I am sat on a London Underground tube train on my way into London as part of the commuter morning rush-hour. I don’t do this journey often now but 15 years ago it was part of my daily routine. Boy has it changed! Back in the day, we (myself and fellow commuters) would sit staring [...]

Time to post – What says

We’ve written before about the best time to post on social media for the biggest engagement but URL shortener experts recently revealed their own findings which are also well worth studying. The report is based on Eastern Standard Time, so skews any UK data but the premise of what time in day works best, [...]

How to beat the mail postage price increase

Royal Mail’s recent price increase has left many small businesses fearing that their business may not survive this change. The cost of first class stamps have risen 30%, from 46p to 60p, and second class 38%, from 36p to 50p, a massive burden that many businesses, at least in the short term will have to [...]