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Despite the economy there’s more smiles

2011 may have been stressful with the economic downturn but a new Work-Life Balance Index published by workspace provider Regus suggests things were actually an improvement over 2010. The index based on the views of 2500 UK professionals suggested that while most people are putting in longer hours than before, 60% of the people surveyed [...]

The majority don’t understand search

Search Engine Optimisation is probably the biggest investment you can make in tweaking your website but if you needed proof that it isn’t a magic wand, take a look at the top search terms using Google Insights for Search. These are the top 10 searches via Google UK in the last 12 months: It’s a [...]

Plan your wedding online

How building a wedding website can help you to save time and money Summer is right around the corner and with hopefully warmer weather coming it also brings on the wedding season. Getting married is one of the most important and happiest moments in life, but the actual planning can be a hassle. There are [...]

Why web archives could live forever

While much on the internet is about today and instantaneous matters, its biggest asset is probably the immediate reach and accessibility it offers to expert collections, opinions and thoughts. This week saw the launch of the virtualisation of cult and sadly missed DJ John Peel’s private record archives. Being released in stages, the project aims [...]

Tips for your content – in a monetary sense

There are a growing number of bloggers across the globe earning a proper and respectable wage from their online writing projects and understandably more and more bloggers or would be bloggers or content creators are keen to collect their slice too. Until now that has been a bit difficult. Positive comments are nice but don’t [...]