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Content is King and Images can be viral

Since Google Penguin at the end of April, the old adage of “Content is King” has taken a whole new giant step. The new ranking algorithm changes sees websites who publish lots of meaningless content just to get search traffic are now penalised, as are those found guilty of keyword stuffing on their pages. So [...]

Google Hangouts: international collaborative working.

I have had a very busy few weeks. Monday saw the launch of my new company, FireCask, a digital marketing agency that specialises in WordPress and Creative Content amongst other things. The company was formed through many hours of videoconferencing, most of it being done through Google+ Hangouts (you can read more about our launch [...]

Beware Bad Links

There’s no such thing as too many links When starting with a new website, many people that are SEO and link building newbies try to get as many backlinks as they possibly can, and from all sources. If Google happens to penalize them (and this is already happening with the recent Google updates), it’s not [...]

Authority means top rankings

Trust builds trust and trust builds authority. Authority is an important factor that helps rise up the rankings, which means that, in terms of SEO, authority has a positive influence on search engine rankings. What does Authority mean? Authority refers to: the quality of a site. This can be a combination of the site’s relevance, [...]