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Iain Lee - The Magic of the Internet

The Iain Lee Column – The Magic of the Internet

I remember the first time I ever had Pesto. I was 19 years old, at a friends house in Glastonbury.  We had pasta and I was asked if I’d ever had this mysterious smelly thing before before. ‘Of course’, I lied, not wanting to look uncool. ‘Oh good, help yourself then.’ With that, I got [...]

Quality, quality, quality – The better you are the better you rank

Usability, links and content all have an impact on search engine rankings. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are constantly trying to improve their algorithms so that web users find exactly what they are looking for in as little time as possible. In general, to rank higher in search engines, you site should [...]

What’s all the Pinterest in pinning?

What a year or so ago was a photo-collecting site adored by millions of US-based women is now being cited by some experts as a rival to Facebook in terms of business-usage. Yet, while the buzz about Pinterest is relatively new, only really registering on Google Trends midway through last year , it has actually [...]

Paid for or not paid for? Investing in Linking

Buying links is not the most effective technique to earn your way to the top rankings. SEOmoz CEO Rand Fishkin believes that paying for links is short-term and a waste of money because: Rankings are tactical: When you pay for links, you’re earning a small amount of traffic and the conversion is a lot lower [...]

Everything you need to know about SEO and outranking your competitors

Optimising a website for search engines is not easy and it’s a continuous process that takes time. Go through the most frequently asked questions on Search Engine Optimisation and find answers that can help you understand the basics of SEO and what techniques you can use to have your site rank higher than your competitors. What [...]

Old is Gold in terms of domains

There has long been much debate about whether older domain names rank higher simply by age or more by having more chance of being indexed, linked and found, but even after Google’s most recent changes, the general consensus still appears to be that an older domain name can help with your search engine ranking. To [...]

How domain names get made

With ICANN’s recent liberalisation of the domain name market, there will soon be lots of new domain name extensions to choose from. Good news if you’re aching for a domain name ending in .transformers or .website, which are just two of the many new domains proposed. As this new era of domain names dawns, it [...]

Getting your writing right

If content is king, the way you tell it is certainly in line for a noble title. How your chosen words and sentences combine can have a massive influence on your readers. Tapping into a reader’s subconscious is a route to hidden sales and making a connection with a visitor to your site also makes [...]

Making your site unique

When you are starting a business, targeting the general public is hardly the way to go. You want to offer a product that satisfies a specific need. That’s why when you are targeting general keywords such as travel, footwear or domain names, you can have 5,000 searches a day but in reality discover these keywords [...]

Localising your content can win new traffic

Local search is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your website. Google Place and Bing Local can help get your business up in the rankings of search engines for relevant geographical keywords faster and easier than SEO. Best of all, it’s free! Benefits of local search There are a lot of advantages [...]