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Why do we trust some domains over others?

Do you pay attention to the links in the search results? Years back, when spam wasn’t such a big issue, I hardly ever looked at the URL and the name of the website before clicking on it. Now I am more careful on what I click, I look at the domain name and if I [...]

A Collection of Superb 123-reg Memorable Bus Stories

Over the past two weeks you have been telling us your stories and we have been crying with laugher and gasping with shock and we have been so excited for the next story to come in! You have outdone yourselves and we are featuring some of the stories we have enjoyed the most. Remember if [...]

Just a Tool – Why SEO should not be used alone

People have long debated whether SEO is compatible with an informative site? In truth they need to work together and it is vital you don’t over complicate matters by making SEO too big a focus. The best traditional journalism sold newspapers. Those newspapers may have moved online but they are now amongst the world’s most [...]