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Everything you need to know about Google’s EMD update

As you probably know, last week Google’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts, announced a “minor” change to Google’s algorithm. Its purpose is to reduce the number of low-quality exact match domains (EMD) in search results. EMDs are domains that include keywords that match a search query perfectly. If you own an exact or partial-match domain, [...]

What the .uk?

This week Nominet announced a three month consultation on a new top-level domain (.uk) that could soon be available alongside the long established and highly popular extension, but what is it all about? The wider TLD market As discussed on this blog previously the liberalisation of the top level domain market by ICANN is [...]

Why virus risks are not to be sniffed at

While a human virus like Flu can cripple your business if it spreads through your employee base, a computer virus can literally kill your business, yet there is much more you can do to protect and in the main resist computer viruses but too many people ignore the threats. The term computer virus is actually [...]

Cutting costs with an all-in-one website builder

How can you build an online business from scratch without spending loads? In the past you may have needed a whole team of people to help you design and code your site, but now there are easier and cheaper solutions that can help you build your site from scratch even if you don’t know any [...]