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Six top tips for those thinking of starting out in business

As you may have noticed, last week the 123-reg team were at The Business Show in London Olympia and it was great to meet so many of our customers, deal with the odd query and get feedback on how we can better serve you and help you on the road to success in your business. [...]

SEO for articles: How to optimise your WordPress blog posts

If content is King, then we can say that SEO is Queen (most of the times, a drama Queen). Everyone knows that article optimisation as well as creating fresh and engaging content can help you not only build a loyal following but also attract links. This article is a short ‘Wordpress SEO for articles’ guide [...]

Interview with Jonathan Brealey: Real Business Stories and Advice for Entrepreneurs

Jonathan Brealey is one of the key figures in the UK hosting market over the past decade, starting his career in the industry in 1997. At this time Jonathan realised that even though the Internet was becoming increasingly popular, web hosting services were predominantly technical in nature. Jonathan and his brother Tim set out to [...]

Matt Mansell Interview: Why Having the Right Domain is Decisive

Matt is the founder and CEO of, which was acquired by the Host Europe Group in May 2012. On joining the Group Matt was appointed ‘Head of Domain Strategy’ and is now responsible for managing its international domain portfolio and strategic development. When Matt founded in 2006, he had a vision for a [...]

Where to find free fonts to jazz up your site

If you’re looking to jazz up your site and want to know where to find free fonts or how to create free fonts yourself, then read on. If not, read on anyway, a font can do many things for your site. Although there are many websites that offer free fonts, we know how hard it [...]


Let’s talk about .SX!

Great domain names are hard to find so when a catchy new domain extension becomes available, you need to snap up your perfect domain before anyone else gets a chance. A .sx offers something valuable to any website owner – users looking to buy from a business that knows how to stand out from the [...]

How to gain trust with links

SEO is not a set-it-and-forget it process. You can’t just work a few hours on your on-page SEO and then expect your site to climb to the top position on Google. If this were possible, a lot of us would be out of a job. Optimising your site for search engines takes time and if [...]

6 ways to help start up Britain

Today is StartUp Britain’s #STARTUPDAY! Their aim is to celebrate the ever-increasing contribution that start-ups make to the British economy and we think that’s a pretty good thing to be celebrating. The StartUp Britain bus, has been travelling the nation spreading entrepreneurial spirit for the last four weeks since we saw it at Youth Enterprise [...]

Inspiring future business leaders – Global Entrepreneurship Week

This week is Global Entrepreneurship Week It’s the world’s largest campaign to promote entrepreneurship, and is promoted in 115 countries between 12-18 November this year. In the UK, the campaign is hosted by Youth Business International, a global network of initiatives that help young entrepreneurs to start their own business, in partnership with Barclays. The [...]