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We speak to the woman who changed her name to

As names go, we’re sure you’d agree that is a pretty unusual one. We’ve never met anyone named after a domain name before. So when we read about a Manchester woman who’d changed her name from Claire Forshaw to by deed poll, we decided to investigate further. The full story was in the [...]

How securing your website helps you sell to more customers

IT security’s more interesting than you might think. Really, it is – remember all that fuss over lost CDs and stolen laptops? It’s also something you should think about carefully for your own website. As you might have noticed, we recently launched a new security product on our main website: SSL certificates. These provide the [...]

The man who changed internet access in the UK forever

I don’t think Ajaz Ahmed would mind me saying that he isn’t a household name. But perhaps he should be. After all, you could argue that he did more to bring the internet to the general British public than almost anyone else. That’s because he came up with the idea of Freeserve, the first free [...]

Interview with domainer Rob Taylor

Rob Taylor is a domainer with twelve years experience of internet development. He’s been actively involved in the domain community for seven years. Rob runs ‘Hey‘, a company which provides domain name brokering and acquisition services along side building useful websites on great domain names such as and We recently chatted to Rob [...]

Pet porn, rocket cars and hand grenades

Have you heard the story of the Hungarian farmer who electrocuted himself with a homemade stun gun while trying to kill a pig? Or the chap who strapped a rocket engine to his car and crashed into a mountainside? Actually, the second one is an urban myth, as Wendy Northcutt will tell you. She’s behind the [...]

Borrow a fiver? Business advice from one of Britain’s most successful web start-ups

Starting an online business is easier than ever before. Webspace is cheap, and there are lots of tools to help you get going. Unfortunately, it doesn’t follow that success is always simple too. We spoke to Giles Andrews, Chief Financial Officer and UK Managing Director of Zopa, a social lending website which connects people who [...]

Inside Google Analytics – exclusive interview

Web analytics. Sounds dull, but it can show you exactly what people are doing on your website. It helps you make improvements – if you’re running a business, it can even boost your bottom line. However, it is a subject that can be difficult to get to grips with. So we asked Brian Clifton, Google’s [...]

Reaction to our Chris Anderson interview

Last month’s interview with Chris Anderson is one of the most popular posts we’ve ever put on this blog, and it attracted a bit of comment in the blogosphere. If you missed it, Chris Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of Wired and the guy who came up with The Long Tail theory. His latest big idea is about the ‘freemium [...]

MOO who? We talk to the entrepreneur making waves with tiny calling cards

Richard Moross is the 30-year-old entrepreneur behind MOO, a British company which sells MiniCards (tiny, custom-printed calling cards), stickers, postcards and greeting cards. I spoke to him about both the business and the internet to find out what advice he’d give to budding online entrepreneurs. Inspiration The idea for MOO came to Richard when he was [...]