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Could Your Website Be Blacklisted by Google?

Even if you’ve never heard of the Google Safe Browsing service, you’ve probably used it. Chrome, Firefox and Safari all incorporate the service into their browsers. Services like Trust Inn also use it to help their users know when to avoid a particular website. Here’s how it works in a browser. When you click on [...]

Interview: Fighting Malware with Anirban Banerjee

2012 continues to be a year of great excitement for 123-reg. We are thrilled to announce the release of Site Scanner, powered by Stop the Hacker. For those not in the know, Site Scanner is a SaaS based malware monitoring tool that scrutinises a user’s website, notifying the customer when malicious code/viruses are found via [...]

Beware Bad Links

There’s no such thing as too many links When starting with a new website, many people that are SEO and link building newbies try to get as many backlinks as they possibly can, and from all sources. If Google happens to penalize them (and this is already happening with the recent Google updates), it’s not [...]

The ultimate nightmare. What does being blacklisted by Google mean to your business?

Did you know that Google blacklists 6,000 websites every single day? You might be doing everything white-hat and running your business website according to Google’s rules but still experience the ultimate ordeal – being blacklisted by Google. If you are excluded from Google’s index, your website will disappear and no one will be able to [...]