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6 Top Tips for Short Sharp SEO

If the science of search engine optimisation is too much for you to get your head around and the budget won’t stretch to some expert advice, here’s six top tips to help you on the right tracks. Be passionate If you are not excited about the topic you are writing about, you will struggle to [...]

Using books as an SEO tool

Search engine optimisation is all about online, the latest buzzwords, etc., right? Wrong. Natural search is very dependant upon natural use of language. Understanding how people use language will help you understand how they will search, which in turn should help you pinpoint the words and phrases most likely to get you some decent natural [...]

Google aims for the bullseye with Dart

This morning the Official Google Code blog revealed the giant’s latest step towards world domination – a new web programming language called Dart. In his blog post Lars Bak, Software Engineer, Dart Team, reveals just an early preview of Dart which he says aims to: Create a structured yet flexible language for web programming. Make [...]

English Language Day

You may have seen stories last week about National Poetry Day but were you aware this was just one event in a week long celebration of the English language? As part of the same celebration, today is English Language Day. What? English Language Day is part of the English Project and is apparently “an opportunity [...]