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Archive for March, 2008

Owners of .web.com domains: read this!


This one’s important for anyone who owns a domain ending in .web.com which they control through a 123-reg account. (The information below only applies to domains ending in .web.com – all...

Scotland seeks its own domain name extension


We’ve been chatting about an interesting story in the office this morning: the Scottish National Party wants to establish a top level domain (TLD) for Scotland. The story has been...

123-reg: first to a million .uk domains


123-reg has become the first .uk tag holder to amass over a million domains on a single tag.   What does this mean? Well, essentially, we’re now responsible for the...

30% off new domains with web hosting

Back in February, we added brand new domains to our portfolio. These include: .cn (China) .es (Spain) .at (Austria) .be (Belgium) To celebrate the new additions to our domain portfolio,...