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Archive for March, 2008

Owners of domains: read this!


This one’s important for anyone who owns a domain ending in which they control through a 123-reg account. (The information below only applies to domains ending in – all...

Scotland seeks its own domain name extension


We’ve been chatting about an interesting story in the office this morning: the Scottish National Party wants to establish a top level domain (TLD) for Scotland. The story has been...

123-reg: first to a million .uk domains


123-reg has become the first .uk tag holder to amass over a million domains on a single tag.   What does this mean? Well, essentially, we’re now responsible for the...

SupaNames launch Virtual Private Servers


Our sister site SupaNames, has recently launched a brand new range of Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Starting at £14.99 per month, VPS bridge the gap between shared hosting and dedicated...

Nobody hosts more websites


We are all excited about the new look of our print advert for WebFusion and thought it be great to share it with everyone. We are very proud to be...

30% off new domains with web hosting


Back in February, we added brand new domains to our portfolio. These include: .cn (China) .es (Spain) .at (Austria) .be (Belgium) To celebrate the new additions to our domain portfolio,...