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Archive for April, 2008

St George’s day


The office celebrated St George’s day yesterday and the majority of people showed up in costumes or red and white clothing. With dragons, horses and knights around the office we thought there...

Protect yourself from password hacking


Passwords and codes are a part of everyday life now. There is no escaping it. However, are you choosing ones which are strong enough to defeat the new bread of...

Pet porn, rocket cars and hand grenades


Have you heard the story of the Hungarian farmer who electrocuted himself with a homemade stun gun while trying to kill a pig? Or the chap who strapped a rocket engine...

5 components of a great PPC advert


With 25 characters in the title and 35 characters per line in the body, getting across your marketing message in a search engine pay per click advert is a challenge,...

Building your business profile on the web


“Your business needs a website.” In the past, perhaps this statement wasn’t true for every new company. But these days, virtually all start-ups should have an online presence from day...