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The state of the internet

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If you have a few minutes to fill this morning, Akamai has released the first in a series of regular reports titled The State of the Internet. The company –...

Is your online shop on the right side of the law?

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Increasing consumer confidence is a must for businesses and individuals that make money from selling online. However, the latest statistics from the Office of Fair Trading highlight that even many...

Video: Writing your web copy

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Welcome to the first in a new regular series on our blog… video guides! We’ll try to keep them short and to the point, and more often than not, they’ll...

Start selling online and get ££ back

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We have launched a great promotion for our business pro ecommerce package in conjunction with PayPal. The first 50 new customers who purchase a 123-reg annual business pro ecommerce account...

Celebrating with free .uk domains

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Thanks to all our millions of customers we are the first to register one million .uk domains on one tag. To celebrate this, we are now giving away a free...

Manufacturing domain names to register

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I personally don’t register a lot of domain names. The domains I do own tend to those I stumbled across that I can’t believe no one else has already got,...