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25 years since DNS was first tested


Over on the Wired website they’re reporting that today marks 25 years since the automated Domain Name System (DNS) was first tested. The Domain Name System is one of the...

Super Summer Sale is now open!

The 123-reg super summer sale has begun with 20% off all shared hosting, InstantSite and annual ecommerce accounts. It’s as simple as that! There are no gimmicks, no “buy this...

162 million and counting


VeriSign has just released its latest Domain Name Industry Brief. You can grab a copy here (PDF, 325KB) and see the previous editions too. This quarterly report takes a look...

The Chronicles of Narnia.mobi


The UK release of the next Narnia film is just round the corner and, in a handy piece of timing, the domain name narnia.mobi is at the centre of a...

.eu domain names now only 99p!!

For a limted time only in June, you can buy a .eu domain name for only 99p. That’s a price so low it needed two exclamation marks in the title....

Top 6… tools to test your website


It’s important to test the various elements of your website as you build it, and double check everything both before you go live and after you’ve launched. There are lots...