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Archive for August, 2008

Seven million and counting


As reported over on the Nominet news pages, the seven millionth .uk domain has recently been registered. That’s another milestone for the .uk registry, which is still growing at a...

Googler thwarted by domain name dispute


I’ve mentioned a few domain name disputes here in the last few months. Another has just caught my eye. It involves that online behemoth, Google, and a chap called Jan...

Domain name lessons from Dragons’ Den

Watching Dragons’ Den on BBC2 last night, I found myself literally shouting at the TV at one of the prospective investments. It was a website that has video recipes for people...

£1 shared hosting on 123-reg!

Yes you read that correctly, £1 shared hosting on 123-reg! Thats the sales spiel out of the way. Our top tier shared hosting package ‘Starter Pro Hosting‘  is now only...

dotCYM gets £20k for campaign


The dotCYM campaign has been running for a little while now. The aim of the campaign is to get Wales its own domain extension – .cym If successful, websites would...

How to write great sales copy


Previously, we looked at how to write good copy for the web. In the latest of our videos, I’ve ventured in front of the camera to give you a quick...